Cameras And Lenses What The Best Won’t Do!

Posted on April 23, 2018 by Admin under Documentary Photography, FAQ, Reportage Photography, Street Photography, Tech

I am so tired of hearing about this cameras or lens is better than that lens and “deal breakers” because one body lacks a certain feature over another body, normally a different make and therefore obviously not a fan of the brand anyway

The thing is cameras and lenses today are just so much better than what they were.  Heck, I started out using manual focus only lenses to do sports with and an autowinder that gave two frames a second.
What is lacking today is the skills needed to make the most of the cameras and lenses, as not everything can be photographed in AUTO this or that mode and knowing how to do things manually is a big help for problem-solving and creativity.

Am I happy with my Two-year-old digital cameras and lenses heck yes, and I am lucky that I could afford them but it’s not the camera or lenses, it’s me who creates and I need the camera and lens to get out of the way, not hinder me? If I have one complaint about my camera is there are too many buttons and dials, function buttons that can customize how I want, Focus modes, AF modes, Photometry modes Burst modes to name a few and don’t even let me go into what is in the pages of a menu.  Just once in a while, it would be nice to be able to turn all these off – and go back to being a camera with Shutter speed, ISO dial and of course aperture settings on the lens, what bliss…

In short, the Photograph/Picture should be more important than your camera or lens, think about that…

As exemplified in this video from the ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY

Every famous photograph was made with a camera less advanced than the one you are using now

Ansel Adams didn't have gear as advanced as what we have now. Neither did Henri Cartier-Bresson

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