British wildlife guide: best places to see and what to spot each month

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From White mountain hares to bottlenose dolphins, the UK is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Apple to block common method used by police to access iPhone

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Is Stephen Shore the Most Influential Photographer of the 20th Century? – VICE

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Street Photography Hazards

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Can you guess which sign I fell over?

Culture on the Streets

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Avoiding Mindless Documenting

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As a follow on from my previous post here I think it is important to avoid mindless documenting. Although one could argue that by definition all photos are documents, a collection of said photos does not make it a documentary. Documentary Photography has a long history of being narrative in its nature and to inform […]

About the Project

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This blog is about my Documentary photography project a Typical English Village – Little Eaton, Derbyshire. I have been a documentary Photographer for 25 years and lived in the village nearly twenty years, but hadn’t thought of photographing my doorstep. I had always been too busy travelling around to notice what community activity there was […]

New Photography Challanges!

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Fotdmike, has put up an interesting article about the current new law on photography which sums it all up rather well in showing its short comings and how easy it could be to fall foul of a ridiculous new law. We’ re all up in arms about it As from Monday last, 16th February, a […]

Police bugging journalist abuse article 10

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Worrying times ahead for media workers who cover anything more than the mundane

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