Little Eaton – A Typical English Village

Little Eaton is a small Derbyshire village just 4 miles North of the city of Derby. Like many small villages, Little Eaton has a rich history going back to Celtic times and has a traditional summer carnival full of British culture.

Gary Austin decided to document this ‘typical village’ as an ongoing project, like many villages it is close to a busy city, yet sat in the countryside. Little Eaton also faces changes as businesses have started to be built on what was originally traditional farmland. It also has a mix of ‘born and bread’ villagers known as “Natives” as well as an influx of ‘outsiders’ who have moved into the village due to commuting distances for work.

The village suffers from traffic congestion at rush hours due to the main road cutting its way through the center of the village. The school runs also, as parents take and fetch their children as not all the other villages have schools in them.

Little Eaton has three local pubs one of which Gary’s grandparents used to court in. Little Eaton still has a lot of personal interest to him, as his grandparents have passed away he continues to find his culture and identity among an ever-changing village. Gary often talks to the elder members of the village who remember his grandparents and fill in little missing bits of information.

Although a typical village that has its very British elements it is also not hard to see the Americanization that has crept into the everyday reality and the carnival; it is not just physical change that is taking place but culture and identity as well.

In spite of the Americanization, it still has its traditional British institutions the Women’s Institute, the Cricket Team, Football Teams, and Bowles Club to name a few as well as a lot of its architecture, landscape, and churches, as well as the people

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