Culture on the Streets

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After the EDL protest, Peterborough

Culture on the Streets :: Street Photography - Peterborough

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From the Weekend

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"P" for Photography Platform

I was in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire at the weekend to photograph the EDL protests but in between times I managed to get a little bit of street photography done.
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Magnum Photographers to hold Street Photography Workshop in Derby

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Magnum Photos is organising a “five-day intensive, practice-oriented workshop focusing specifically on the popular theme of street photography,” to coincide with the Format11 International Photography Festival in Derby, a biennial of contemporary photography.

Led by Magnum street photographers Bruce Gilden, Richard Kalvar and Chris Steele-Perkins, the workshop will see successful candidates get the opportunity to shoot, polish and publish their work under the guidance of these experienced practitioners, says Magnum.
The five-day workshop costs £700 +VAT. For more details and to register, visit the Magnum Photos website.
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A day of street photography in Derby with Bruce Gilden, Magnum

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I can’t wait to see the Format Festival in March next year, especially as I spent the day with street photographer Bruce Gilden from Magnum while he was in Derby.

I learn’t a lot from watching him, not about the technical details like his flash settings or what f stop he uses, there is no point; all I would be doing is copying Bruce and not working on my own style, my own voice.

What did come across was his dedication, he knows what he wants, and has been pursuing that relentlessly for years, even though it may not be profitable when compared to other genres of photography!
I can’t wait to see his photographs…

Bruce Gilden’s commission, called Bruce Gilden: Head On, will be on show at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. Gilden spent seven days in the streets of Derby in early November. His exhibition will be shown alongside a special mini-documentary of the photographer on commission shot by BJP’s news editor Olivier Laurent Read More >>on BJP website

Snow hits Little Eaton, Derbyshire

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Well snow has hit the village of Little Eaton, quite heavy this time with the level crossing at the disused railway in the picture

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Face of Protest

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Street Portrait – Man with an Owl

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Man with an owl in the Centre of Nottingham

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Put People First March, London

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Out of Gazza

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FAQ – Money & Copyright for Commissioned Work

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My Boss says we cant afford you or we don’t have a big enough budget!

No Problem, the first thing you need to do is convince your boss of the importance of photography and what it can do for the company.
Map out ideas and ways of using photography over the  upcoming year with the view of how it will help the company but also with the need to increasing the budget.
Look at some of the ideas that you can use here and if you need further help give me a call.
In the meantime get in touch anyway, I live in the real world as opposed to fantasy land and realise things can be tight and I will see what I can do.
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Avoiding Mindless Documenting

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Residents cheer on the Carnival (c)2009 Gary Austin all rights reserved

As a follow on from my previous post here I think it is important to avoid mindless documenting. Although one could argue that by definition all photos are documents, a collection of said photos does not make it a documentary. Documentary Photography has a long history of being narrative in its nature and to inform the viewer.

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