Photographer Simon Norfolk at Derby’s Quad

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Photographer Simon Norfolk is speaking at Derby’s Quad gallery on 19 November 2009 at 6.30 pm. book now to avoid disappointment £3

Keywording is Scary…Official

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With the global decline is media due to advertising budgets being cut, it is no surprise that many photographers are finding that commissions are becoming harder to get. This has meant that freelancers have started to look more at the photography stock as a way of earning additional income to fill the gap. But selling […]

New York going the same as the UK?

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Well it looks like the Police in New York are looking to the same draconian laws that snappers in the UK are in fear off according to the New York Post. You may think that no one has been stopped yet under the new terrorism act and photography but that is not the case. When […]

The Bicycle Wheel

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In a previous post I referred to the slope of the bath tub which was an analogy for proving your photographic gear. Of course the wise will do heavy testing at all ISO and lighting conditions to work out how the sensor records details in the shadows as well as the highlights. They will also […]

Winning Photographer Photographs Economic Hardship and Needs Work

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Anthony Suau wins the World Press Photo for a second time for a photograph illustrating the current economic hardship – but the real story is that he had to persuade Time to run the photographs, and that he admits that he has only had one commission in the last two months World Press Photo Winners Anthony Suau

New Photography Challanges!

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Fotdmike, has put up an interesting article about the current new law on photography which sums it all up rather well in showing its short comings and how easy it could be to fall foul of a ridiculous new law. We’ re all up in arms about it As from Monday last, 16th February, a […]

Photography Festival in Derby

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Format 09 is due to start next week in Derby with a great line up of photographers from artists and documentary practitioners  Check the website for more info

Documenting Urban Exploration

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For quite a while now I have been wanting to do a project looking at how a industry has changed the landscape and the community. For example, In north Wales they had the slate quarrying which employed some 3,000 workers at one quarry, some workers lived in cold and damp barracks because the quarries were […]

Anyone can be a Journalist

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The biggest concern to me is that again, we have the malicious rumours that terrorists are using Twitter service that was flagged up ages ago by the FBI as a possible threat.

A difficult job…Chaos outside Taj hotel

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Leave a comment CNN’s Sara Sidner describes the chaos outside the Taj Majal hotel as bystanders began to disrupt her live shot

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